The Light Muses

TheĀ Light Muses (designed by Markos Kern & Susann Bosslau) are a further development of our White Muses Performance, which became known through their performances at the Time Warp Events and others. The Light Muses are completely autarchical suits, which have up to 200 meters of a special illuminant at command, that can be programmed in different ways. The illuminant’s design is based on organic shapes creating a unique character. With the enormous size of the performers and the the fact, that they don’t own a recognisable face, you achieve a very abstract and interesting look. The performances were embedded in Mar-K.os‘ shows and so are always accentuated with appropriate visuals.

Light Muses performances and suits can be booked at our partnerĀ Sanostra Performing Communication.

Photo Credits & copyright: Visual Drugstore GmbH