The Stone

The Visual Drugstore Stone is a multi-functional design element for a variety of applications. The components of the Stone are only 700 grams and with them you can create easily walls, rooms, stage design, seating areas and interesting sculptures. The Stone is a flexible solution for personalised and simple projection mapping shows.


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The material
The Stone is made of special high-tech foam, equivalent in weight and feel to polystyrene. This material is extremely durable and weather resistant, perfectly designed for projections. Reflections and contrasts are better on the gray variant.

The Stone has a basic structure of three triangles and each one has a hole for cable passage.
The dimensions are: short side 33.3 cm, long side 66.6 cm, height 33.3 cm


The construction
The Stones are very simple and plugged into each others. Corners and braces are based on a multiple of 60 degrees. The structure can be height, extremely stable and tied together with the Stone locks.

Special parts
Several special parts such as lighting elements, product displays and furniture elements are available for the Stone system.

Where to Buy
The Stone is exclusively available to buy and rent (including the truck) from Visual Drugstore GmbH in the colours gray and white.
More informations on the PDF manual and the PDF User manual: